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00 Coverpage 00 Coverpages.pdf Array
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Abandonment of Vehicles Prohibited Section Amended Section 10-5-1 Abandonment of Vehicles Prohibited Section 10-5-1 (c) Presumptions.pdf Array
Administrative Review Procedures Title 4 - Administrative Review Procedures.pdf Array
Adopt Comprehensive Plan. Ordinance to Adopt Comprehensive Plan 2008-2027.pdf Array
Barking Dogs or Crying Cats Amended Section 7-1-12 Barking Dogs or Crying Cats.pdf Array
Building Permit Fees Amended Section 15-1-14 Building Permit Fees.pdf Array
Chapter 12 Floodplain Zoning Title 13 - Chapter 12 Floodplain Zoning.pdf Array
Conservancy District Amended Section 13-1-45- C-1 Conservancy District.pdf Array
Creating Section Ordinance 2009-01 Creating Section 1-3-1 Municipal Court.pdf Array
Definitions Amended Section 13-1-8 Definitions (a)(1) Accessory building (a)(43) Garage.pdf Array
Deputy Clerk Amended Section 2-3-5 Deputy Clerk.pdf Array
Due Process Hearing. Amended Section 8-1-6 (f) Due Process Hearing.pdf Array
Election Poll Hours Amended Section 2-1-2 Election Poll Hours.pdf Array
Fees (c) No Penalty Permit Amended Section 15-1-14 Fees (c) No Penalty Permit.pdf Array
Finance and Public Records Title 3 - Finance and Public Records.pdf Array
Formula for Sewer User Rate Charges. Resolution 2006-01 Formula for Sewer User Rate Charges.pdf Array
General Provisions Title 1- General Provisions.pdf Array
Government and Administration Title 2 - Government and Administration.pdf Array
Health and Sanitation Title 8 - Health and Sanitation (Passed 10-8-07).pdf Array
Licensing and Regulation. Title 7 - Licensing and Regulation.pdf Array
Motor Vehicle and Traffic Title 10 - Motor Vehicle and Traffic.pdf Array
Offenses and Nuisances Title 11 - Offenses and Nuisances.pdf Array
Parks & Recreation Title 12, Chapter 1.pdf Array
Penalties Amended Section 10-1-50 Penalties.pdf Array
Placement Restrictions Amended Section 13-1-140 (b) Placement Restrictions - Residential District.pdf Array
Police Power of the Department II Amended Section 5-2-3 Police Power of the Department II.pdf Array
Police Powers of the Department. Amended Section 5-2-3 Police Powers of the Department.pdf Array
Prohibited and Protected Animals. Amended Section 7-1-13 Prohibited and Protected Animals.pdf Array
Public Property Facility Naming Title 7 - Chapter 11 Public Property Facility Naming.pdf Array
Public Safety Title 5 - Public Safety.pdf Array
Public Utilities Title 9 - Public Utilities-correct.pdf Array
Public Works Title 6 - Public Works.pdf Array
Replacement and Repair of Service Pipe. Amended Section 9-1-37 Replacement and Repair of Service Pipe.pdf Array
Statement of Fair Housing Amended Section 15-3-1 Statement of Fair Housing.pdf Array
Subdivision Regulations Title 14 - Subdivision Regulations.pdf Array
Swimming Pool Fill Policy Section 9-1-11 Swimming Pool Fill Policy.pdf Array
Synthetic Canabinoid Prohibited Section 11-2-11 (c) Synthetic Canabinoid Prohibited.pdf Array
Temporarily Amend Section Resolution 2010-01 Temporarily Amend Section 10-3-8 Snowmobile Routes and Trails.pdf Array
Village Clerk Amended Section 2-3-3 Village Clerk.pdf Array
Village Treasurer Amended Section 2-3-4 Village Treasurer.pdf Array
WWT Wastewater Treatment District Amended Section 13-1-51 WWT Wastewater Treatment District.pdf Array
Zoning Title 13 - Zoning.pdf Array