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Minutes of a Public Works Committee Meeting
Mar 28, 2011
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Minutes of a Public Works Committee Meeting

held on Monday, March 28, 2011


The Public Works Committee of the Village of Brandon, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin held a committee meeting in the Village of Brandon Board Room on Monday, March 28, 2011.


Committee Chair Steve Tetzlaff called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and presided.  Committee Member Pamela Sauer recorded the proceedings of the meeting.


The following committee members were present: Trustee Pamela Sauer, Trustee Michael Walgenbach, President Rick Peterson and Department of Public Works Director Vance Henning.


Director Henning reported that Kinas Excavating submitted a bid for $5,900.00 to clean out the WWTF effluent ditch. This was included in the Bowen Street Relief Sewer bid document as Alternate B.


Discussion was held on the options for bulk pickup that is held in the spring.  Veolia has suggested several different options.  President Peterson will try to get some definite prices for the dumpsters, etc.  Targeted dates for pickup are several hours on Saturday, May 7th and several hours on Saturday, May 14th.  As of now, the pickup will be at a central location and residents will have to transport their items to that location.


The Leak Adjustment Policy should proceed as discussed at the last Village Board meeting.


Discussion was held on a new policy that would charge an additional amount on each sewer bill and this billed amount would be put into an account that was designated only for Sewer Infrastructure Repairs.  It was agreed by the committee members to recommend to the Brandon Sewer & Water Utility Board to enact a $5.00 additional charge per month per meter and the funds are to be deposited into a Sewer Infrastructure Repair account.


No other business came before the Committee.


On a motion by Chair Tetzlaff/Trustee Sauer, passed on a voice vote, the Committee adjourned.






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