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Sewer and Water Utility Minutes of a Monthly Meeting
Aug 13, 2012
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Minutes of a Monthly Meeting held

Monday, August 13, 2012


Trustees of the Village of Brandon, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin met in the Village of Brandon Board Room on Monday, August 13, 2012.


President Steve Tetzlaff called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and presided.  Temporary Clerk Laper recorded the minutes of the meeting.


The following trustees were present: Carole DeCramer, Annette Henker, Diane Horvath, Kurt Krohn, David Tarr and Michael Walgenbach.


The following were present in the audience: Library Board President, Kevin DeCramer; Library Director, Christina Ross; Wild Rose Public Library Director, Kent Barnard; Residents:  Karey Schmidt, Sharon Peters, Donna Schmuhl, Hazel Stofflet and Jeanette Williams. Also present:  Public Works Director, Vance Henning. 


On a motion by Trustees DeCramer/Tarr, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved August 2012 payments as attached.


On a motion by Trustees DeCramer/Henker, unanimously passed on a voice vote, the Board approved the minutes of the July 9, 2012 regular meeting. 


On a motion by Trustees Walgenbach/Tarr, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved revising the filing dates for the Simplified Rate Case Application.  The new dates are as follows:  Publication Date-August 27, 2012, Filing Date-September 1, 2012, Effective Date-October 15, 2012.


Discussion and no action taken regarding increased water usage among the participants of the 2012 Historical Society Garden Walk.  The general board consensus was not to reimburse water usage during that time. 


Discussion and no action regarding clearing out drainage ditches.  Tetzlaff requested Librarian Ross to research the history of the drainage ditch and report back to the board. 


Public Works Director, Henning reported on the following items:  1)  WI Department of Transportation plans to improve Hwy. 49/Brandon’s Main Street in 2019 and recommend the Village consider any water/sewer improvements in advance of the project.  A Department of Transportation informational meeting regarding the project will be held at the Brandon Village Hall on August 20, 2012 at 5:00 pm.  2)  Costly phosphorus testing will be required by the DNR as of 2019.  3)  Henning confirmed with the Board that fixed sewer/water rates apply to vacant apartments unless the meter is removed.  4)  Henning requested the Board review the flat charge for a 2” meter.  The Board determined the Public Works Committee will review the charges. 


No other business came before the Board.  The Board adjourned on a motion by Trustees Tarr/Horvath and unanimously passed on a voice vote.  

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