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Minutes of a Monthly Meeting
Feb 11, 2013


Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 11, 2013


Trustees of the Village of Brandon, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin met in the Village of Brandon Board Room on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 7:11 pm.   


President Steve Tetzlaff called the meeting to order and presided.  Village Clerk Corinne Vande Zande recorded the minutes of the meeting.


The following trustees were present: Diane Horvath, Annette Henker, Dave Tarr, Carole DeCramer, Kurt Krohn, and Michael Walgenbach. 


The following were present in the audience:  Department of Public Works Director Vance Henning; Fire Chief Ryan Redmann; Charlene Strook; Marcia Clifford of General Code; Peter TeBeest, Chris Kuhn and Pastor Laura Yates of United Methodist Church; Library Director Christy Ross – late and Library President Kevin DeCramer – late.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all those present.


On a motion by Trustees DeCramer/Henker, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved the February 2013 payments as attached.


On a motion by Trustees Walgenbach/Tarr, unanimously passed on a voice vote, the Board approved the minutes of the January 14, 2013 Caucus and January14, 2013 monthly meeting.   


Old Business:

Public Works Director, Vance Henning, reported the meeting with FastBytes was cancelled.  Trustee Walgenbach talked with Terry from FastBytes and reported outlying areas can benefit from his services.  Walgenbach requested Terry write up a proposal.


On a motion by Trustees Tarr/Horvath, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved the Waupun Chamber of Commerce membership.


Henning reported he has no new information on MEG (Municipal Environmental Group).


Don Neitzel from Kunkel Engineering was unable to attend the meeting.  Trustee Walgenbach reported that Kunkel Engineering would keep our building permit fees the same for a year and would revisit after that.  On a motion by Trustees Walgenbach/Henker, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board accepted the revised fee schedule proposal. 




New Business:

Fire Chief Ryan Redmann discussed the Seniors using the Firehouse as a meeting place.  Redmann is okay with the group using the meeting room, but would like to discuss with the firemen and the Executive Committee.  There would have to be an agreement made for the use of the meeting room, and there would be a set of guidelines to follow, as well as a “hold-harmless” agreement. 


Redmann also suggested splitting off of CenturyLink and Verizon bills and he would also like to add a Smartphone to his plan.  The Smartphone offers apps that would be useful on fire calls.


Marcia Clifford of General Code was present to explain the process of re-codification.  The process includes review of existing book, updates in the State Statues, conflicts in ordinances, etc.  We would receive a workbook with recommended changes.  The ordinance book would be online and word searchable.  As ordinances are passed they would update online.  The process would take approximately 12-18 months and we can spread the cost over 3 fiscal years made in five payments.  Annual fee would be $495 and we would not be charged this until our code has been online for 1 year.  Premium package includes Pubdocs service which has an annual fee of $995.  This would allow us to put agendas, minutes, budges, and resolutions online and they would be word searchable.  Trustee DeCramer noted her employer’s ordinance book was done by General Code and is very easy to use.


United Methodist Church representatives were present regarding an overhang constructed on the front of the church without a building permit.  Pastor Laura Yates explained the contractor’s proposal had all permit fees included.  The builder agreed he did not get the proper permits.  The other issue is the overhang lies within the road rite-of-way.  The Board expressed concerns with snowplowing and stop sign visibility.  Henning expressed liability concerns.  Church member Peter TeBeest noted the purpose of the overhang was not cosmetic but a safety measure to prevent ice on the steps.  Trustee DeCramer explained the Board of Appeals has the power to grant a variance.  However, President Tetzlaff reported he talked with Village Attorney Lud Wurtz and Building Inspector Jon Dobbratz  and they agreed because the work has already been done the decision regarding the overhang is up to the Board.  Wurtz gave three options for the Board.  The first would be to grant a variance to infringe upon the road rite of way to include a newspaper publication prepared by Attorney Wurtz.  The second option would be for the Board to require the overhang be completely removed.  The third option would be to compromise between options one and two.  Pastor Yates indicated the church was seeking direction from the Board on the issues.  On a motion by Trustees Krohn/Walgenbach, unanimously passed on a roll call vote, the Board will give the Church 60 days from the date of the meeting to remove or alter the overhang to comply with the Village ordinance.


On a motion by Trustees Tarr/Walgenbach, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved Anthony Sauer as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals for a three year term.


Trustee DeCramer would like to look into training for the Zoning Board members to give them criteria to follow.


Library Director, Christina Ross, gave her monthly report.  She has a field trip scheduled to the Coloma Public Library.  The Library Board is working on a policy for fulltime employees; they currently have a policy for part-time employees only.  The Library is taking $1900 of their leftover 2012 budget and putting into their checkbook for their 100 year Celebration.  Ross reported the date for the Wine-Tasting event is March 22nd and the Brandon Lions have expressed interest in sponsoring.  St. Brendan’s Church recently cashed in a CD and split among 3 groups in Brandon, one being the Library. 


Trustee Horvath reported the Emergency Government committee met with Fairwater’s committee to discuss a new mutual agreement for the Police Department.  Both Village committees agreed to a raise of 64 cent per hour raise.  The committees plan to meet each October prior to completing the budget. 


Trustee DeCramer reported the Parks & Recreation committee will be meeting this Wednesday, the 13th at 6pm. 


Trustee Henker reported the Library Board is in need of a new member.  The current member is now working at night when the Board meets.  Also, the Library will be having an appreciation dinner for Village employees in March.


Trustee Tarr received a question regarding the full-time Library compensation plan.  Tarr referred the employee to the Library President, Kevin DeCramer.  Tarr also reported he has been in contact with Nolan Insurance regarding an Aflac policy for employees.


President Tetzlaff reported the Christmas Party was well attended.


The Board discussed the presentation by Marcia Clifford from General Code. 


No other business came before the Board.  On a motion by Tarr/Henker, unanimously passed on a voice vote, the Board adjourned at 9:34 p.m.

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