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Minutes of a Monthly Meeting
Mar 11, 2013


Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 11, 2013


Trustees of the Village of Brandon, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin met in the Village of Brandon Board Room on Monday, March 11, 2013 at 7:26 pm.   


President Steve Tetzlaff called the meeting to order and presided.  Village Clerk Corinne Vande Zande recorded the minutes of the meeting.


The following trustees were present: Diane Horvath, Annette Henker, Carole DeCramer, Kurt Krohn, and Michael Walgenbach.  Dave Tarr – absent.


The following were present in the audience:  Peter TeBeest and Chris Kuhn of United Methodist Church; Library Director Christy Ross and Library President Kevin DeCramer; and Police Chief Tom Dornbrook.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all those present.


On a motion by Trustees DeCramer/Walgenbach, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved the March 2013 payments as attached.


On a motion by Trustees Walgenbach/Horvath, unanimously passed on a voice vote, the Board approved the minutes of the February 11, 2013 monthly meeting.   


Old Business:

The Parks & Recreation Committee is looking into surveillance cameras for the Veteran’s Memorial.  Fast Bytes does not have the capabilities to provide cameras.  Police Chief Dornbrook is looking into other options.


No new information to report on MEG (Municipal Environmental Group).


The Board discussed the options Clerk Vande Zande provided for the re-codification of the current Ordinance book.  General Code has an office located within the state and is willing to attend a meeting which is very appealing.  Trustee Krohn also noted after talking with a representative of the company they appear very flexible with payment options.  The cost can be spread over three budget cycles and into five payments.  Trustee Walgenbach discussed the possibility of getting the price reduced if we explain to them we have other bids.  On a motion by Trustees Walgenbach/Henker, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved informing General Code the Village would like to go ahead with the codification and whoever approaches the company to try and negotiate a lower price.  Trustee Krohn will speak with General Code.


President Tetzlaff reported his finding after contacting Attorney Lud Wurtz regarding the United Methodist Church pillars and roof/overhang.  The Board can grant or deny an occupancy permit which would allow some of the construction to stay.  The Church will need a certified survey done so a legal description can be documented on the occupancy permit.  The Church would also have insurance requirements naming the Village as an additional insured.  If the occupancy permit is denied, this would then move on to the Zoning Board of Appeals.  Trustee DeCramer discussed resident concerns she received regarding the matter.  On a motion by Trustees Krohn/DeCramer, passed on a roll call vote, to approve the occupancy permit for the United Methodist Church and rescind the motion from the previous meeting.  (Ays – Diane Horvath, Annette Henker, Kurt Krohn, Nays – Mike Walgenbach, Carole DeCramer, Abstain – Steve Tetzlaff).


New Business:

On a motion by Trustees DeCramer/Walgenbach, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board adopted Resolution 2013-02 Recycling Grants to Responsible Units.


On a motion by Trustees DeCramer/Walgenbach, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved amended ordinance 15-1-14 (c) Fees – No Permit Penalty.


On a motion by Trustees Krohn/DeCramer, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved the Class B License for the Brandon Lions Club.


Trustee DeCramer discussed the March 4, 2013 Parks & Recreation committee meeting regarding the insurance company recommending safety features such as safety rails on the bleachers and concrete pads under the bleachers.  The committee recommends implementing the insurance company’s recommendations using the money in the Park Improvements CD.    On a motion by President Tetzlaff/Trustee Henker, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved using the Park Improvements CD money to complete bleacher repairs and concrete pads.


The Department of Public Works reported numerous headstones in the Cemetery are in need of repair.  There is some money in the Cemetery account for a possible part time worker to do lawn mowing, weed whacking, and miscellaneous work.  The time spent at the Cemetery would need to be kept track of so that money could come out of the Cemetery account.  On a motion by Trustees Walgenbach/DeCramer, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved to hire part time summer help to mow, weed whacking and miscellaneous work up to 40 hours a week at $9.00 an hour on an as needed basis.


On a motion by Trustees DeCramer/Henker, unanimously carried on a voice vote, the Board approved Kathy Mulder as a new Library Board member.


On a motion by Trustees Henker/DeCramer, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved the Joint Agreement with Fairwater for Police protection with the increase of the hourly rate to $40.00.  The Emergency Government Committee noted that they will be meeting with the Committee in Fairwater before next years budget is completed.


President Tetzlaff reported he spoke with Janet Feucht at Brandon Meats regarding ways to receive payment for the rental of the Brat Stop.  Janet will provide a statement either weekly or monthly so the Clerk will know who the renter is for each weekend.  Tetzlaff recommended and envelope system.  The Clerk will provide Brandon Meats with an envelope for each weekend with instructions where to drop payment off or where to mail to.  The Brat Stop currently rents for $35.00 for the weekend.  According to Brandon Meats, the heavier traffic is on Friday.  Tetzlaff suggested in case of an organization only renting for one day and not the weekend, charge $20.00 for Friday and $15.00 for Saturday.  On a motion by Trustees Henker/Horvath, unanimously carried on a roll call vote, the Board approved the envelope system with instructions to drop off or mail payment to the Clerk’s Office with the fee of $35.00, or $20.00 for Friday and $15.00 for Saturday.


Chief Tom Dornbrook gave his monthly report and reported on the following items:  1) Last month he had to have a couple cars towed from Commercial Street because they were impeding snow removal.  2) He would like to reaffirm the rules for dogs in the Park areas and will discuss at the next Parks and Recreation Committee meeting.  3) He has decided not to have knee surgery at this time. 


Library Director, Christina Ross, gave her monthly report and reported on the following items:  1) There is now a Rosendale student in the book club.  2) The Library Board is working on updating the compensation/benefit policy for the Library employees.  3) There is a Lego club in the works and they are continually looking for donations.  4) St. Brendan’s Church is officially closing and will be considered as a possible new Library location.  Right now she is unsure of the asking price.  Depending on what the building is used for the building might be eligible for a community development block grant.  Could possibly be a location for the Senior Center?  5) Ross would like to know what is the Library’s responsibility vs. the Village’s responsibility.  The front railing is rusting and is more of a hazard than help.  6) There is a question as to who pays the Library’s cleaning cost.  Trustee DeCramer thought the Village took care of that but Ross said that the former Clerk charged the Library for cleaning.  7) There was some discussion on the remainder of the Library’s 2012 budget.  Trustee Henker noted State Statute says any money set aside for the Library Budget needs to stay with the Library.


Trustee Krohn discussed possibly separating the fuel between the departments by getting fuel cards.  The pumps would stay at the shop for use by the Public Works guys.  Because they need gas for the lawn mowers it is more convenient for them to keep the pumps.  Chief Dornbrook and the Fire Department would receive gas cards of some kind to use at the gas station.


No other business came before the Board.  On a motion by Krohn/DeCramer, unanimously passed on a voice vote, the Board adjourned at 10:19 p.m.

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